Founded in 2016 by Aaron Spangler and Chuck Green, UBrew Homebrew Supply was born. On the day the homebrew supply store opened the two filed the paperwork to eventually operate a microbrewery on the site.

Fast wordward to November of 2017 and UBrew was awarded their Microbrewery License from the State of Michigan. The two would enlist the skills of a host of employees and began brewing on a 1/2 barrel system.

In 2019 UBrew NanoBrewery upgraded to a 1 Barrel brew system. The brewery also has 4 glycol cooled fermenters and a ton of various equipment pieces to bring some spectacular brewers to your glass.

In Mid 2019, UBrew NanoBrewery and Homebrew Supply decided to change the name of the brewery and Fresh Coast Beer Works was born. True to the beautiful nature that surrounds Northern Michigan, Fresh Coast Beer Works strives to bring you beautiful, fresh, and tasty beer.